Living with a loved one who has been diagnosed with a mental illness can be challenging. For those who do not have a mental illness, it can be difficult to understand why a family member or friend may be withdrawing because of depression, has panic attacks over seemingly benign things, or swings between periods of depression and periods of often manic behavior.  Dealing with this family member can cause stress for the entire family.

This is where Family to Family can help.

Family to Family is a course designed for loved ones of adults who have been diagnosed with a mental illness.  The course consists of 12  2 ½ hour sessions taught by trained family members of people with mental illness.

Among the topics covered in Family to Family are:

  • What mental illness is, signs and symptoms and the effects mental illness has on the brain.
  • Current information on available treatment options including medications, their side-effects and other evidence-based therapies.
  • Ways to communicate effectively with your loved one, managing crisis situations and solving problems.
  • Being a caregiver for a person with a mental illness can be very stressful. Family to Family teaches self-care strategies and proper coping skills for stress management.
  • Information on relapse, local resources and services.

The entire course is free of charge.

Classes are held several times a year in communities across South Dakota. Please contact the NAMI SD office for more information on dates, times and locations, questions or to let us know you wish to attend a future class.

Fall 2016 CLASSES:

Contact your local affiliate or the NAMI SD office for more information.

Pierre:  Classes will be offered in the fall.  Please call 605-222-3874 to register.

Sioux Falls:  Our next class begins October 3. Please call 605-610-7226 to register.

Rapid City: Classes are forming for fall.  Please call 605-670-3250 for more information.